Do I need any soil for the plants I plant?

No, The Greens Grower is designed to grow in non-organic substrate, instead of dirt.The Greens Grower ships with the growing medium included.

Should i unplug the Greens Grower to save energy?

We do not recommend this. The small pump uses very little electricity. In fact the pump uses 1/4 of a watt, So compared to a 100 watt light bulb, The pump uses 6 watts a day  and the 100 watt light bulb uses that much in 1 hour.  The other problem with unplugging the pump is forgetting to plug it back in. Your plant cannot live without the pump running.

Why Hydroponic instead of a soil Garden?

There are several reasons. I posted a blog   7  Reason to grow Hydroponically   about this.

What does it do

The GreensGrower solves your gardening brown thumb.

What can I grow in the GreensGrower

You can grow just about anything, but the best is leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumber, herbs of all kinds,

How does it work

The GreensGrower works by providing nutrient water to the plant consistently.

How much Electricity does the GreensGrower use

Yes, It does need to be plugged in. An Engineer calculated that it would cost less than a dime to run each month.