I was listening to a radio show yesterday and it was regarding ice breakers in the Great Lakes. Most of the Great Lakes are frozen over. This is the 1st time in decades that all the lakes have it been frozen over. The lakes are over 90% frozen over. It is hard to believe that it is still cold enough to keep the lakes frozen.

Well in the south we are getting ready for the spring. The trees are blooming, The grass is starting to sprout. The mower has been tuned up. The yard is being cleaned up. Cleaning up the garden this weekend.

What are you planting in your garden?

We are going to plant a full gambit of vegetables and take pictures and share data with you. There will be videos and pictures, and spreadsheets and hopefully a bountiful of vegetables.

Green Beans will be planted 1st. We are planting the Roma Varitey. This is a flat bean that is

The last for