The Launch is here – The GreensGrower is Ready

I am excited to announce the official launch of the GreensGrower. There has been countless hours of creating and fine tuning a product that will solve the problems for the person that just wants to produce food. It is easy to use, fun to watch and very productive.

The Greens Grower is great for growing just about anything and works especially well with the following.

  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Peppers
  • Okra
  • Egg Plant
  • Broccoli
  • And many other plants.

The Grees Grower is designed so that it requires very little effort. Add water, plants and plug it in.

Everything you need to grow your vegetables is included. We even include the nutrients.

Give it a try, I guarantee you will love or we will give your money back.

What the heck is the GreensGrower?

The GreensGrower is a self-contained Hydroponic unit that “Simply  Works”. It is designed for the busy person that wants to grow lettuce and other vegetables. I got tired of paying the high prices for hydroponically grown lettuce, and I created a unit for that person. I have then, adapted the unit to grow just about anything else they want to grow.

Why Hydroponics?

See my post on the advantages of hydroponics for a detailed look at the advantages but some of the reasons are:

  • Reducing the amount of pesticides needed as most pest live in the soil.
  • Producing cleaner vegtables, becuse there is no dirt to wash off.
  • Economical, as Hydroponics requires much less water then traditional gardens

Start growing your food now.

Here is what some people are saying

“I have never grown vegetables before, It was too much work. The GreensGrower solved the problem. I took it out of the box, added water, plugged it in, planted a Green Pepper and added a tablespoon of each nutrient and watched my Green Peppers grow”.      Trent

“I have had gardens my who life and I was able to grow the best tasting, and easiest growing tomatoes”  Jill

Seven Reasons why Hydroponics is better then dirt for growing your vegtables.


  1. More effiecent use of space
  2. Faster plant Growth
  3. It’s unique and fun  
  4. Easier
  5. Less Pesticides
  6. Nature does not matter
  7. Better resource utilization

Every time I mention hydroponics there is someone that perks up and says “I am interested in that”. or “I would like to learn more about that”.  Why and what is the the interest in hydroponics? Because people want to grow food and plants. People are worried about their health and understand that growing your own food can be healtier, because theknow what is going in and on it. 

Here are 7 reasons to grow food hydroponically.


1. It is Unique and Fun

There is something very neat about watching plants grow hydroponically. You see and hear the water run. You watch as your seeds sprout. They start to grow, just like they were growing the ground., but everything is clean and you hear the water running. It is hard to believe that just water with some stuffed dumped in would actually grow something.

Your plants continue to grow and then you get to pick something. Lets say lettuce. You walk out and pick some fresh lettuce for a dinner salad for dinner. You pick the leaves and go rinse them off. There is almost no dirt or sand. They rinse off very easily and you put them in the refigarator to chill a liitle bit. This is a sense of accomplishment. The great thing is you get to go back out tomorrow and pick some more.

 2. Growing Hydropoincially is actually eaiser

Why would it be easier? Well think of planting flowers in a flower pot. You just dump in some potting soil and plant the seeds or the sets from the garden center. You do not have:
  • Get tools out
  • Dig the soil up
  • Get the rototiller out.
  • Worry about animals digging it up.
  • You do not have to rake up the weeds and grass you just dug up.
  • You can move it around if needed.

Growing Hydroponically is the same way. Especially with the Greens Grower System.

3 More effiecent use of space

Hydroponics uses less space for several reasons. The first is that you can stack pots, or grow vertical as it is called. There are many stackable growing systems on the market. the plants root system needs less space to roam because the nutrients and water are being provided, the plant does not have to go find them. We can actually grow lettuce every 5 – 6 inches for maxium production.

4 Less Pesticide usage:

Why would there be less pest and insects? Becuase the plants are not on the ground, where a majority of the insects come from. In my experiance,  I rarley need to use pesticides. I did have stink bugs once and they did love to munch on my green beans. I sprinkled them with Seven Dust and the problem went away. I will get catipillars from time to time and I use organic Thuricide for that.

I have both in-ground and hydroponic garden and I use much less pesticides and bug controlling chemicals on the hydroponic garden then the in-ground garden.

5 Resources Utilization:

We are all worried about the environment   We all understand we have a responsibility to do what we can to take care of it. Hydroponics is very good for this. It puts the fertilizer where it is needed,. to the vegetables we are growing. When you fertilize your garden you are putting the fertilizer on or in the ground. the problem is that it washes away or leach into the soil where your plant can no longer get to it.

Hydroponics also reduces water usage. That seems wierd because you are growing in water, but the only water loss is what the plants take up and a little evaparation. Depending on cnditions (High tempature, wind speed, humidity,  you can have a high percentage of the water out of the sprinkler never reached the plants it goes into the air.

6 Plants grow faster

Plants have exactly what they need to grow. Especially oxygen. Oxygen helps the plants absorb the nutrients. It is the reason why the Greens Grower is desingned to oxyginte the water. This helps the plants absorb nutrients.  Our plants also don’t have to competed with weeds, insects, or other things that take away the nutrients.

7 Mother Nature:

It was 29 degrees F the other day with a light frost. It had been warm and everyone had planted their garden. The beans and the squash were up in their in-groud gardens. It was unseasnonably warm and things were growing well. My grandpa always says ‘ We are going to have a cold snap around easter” and sure enough, when we work up it was 29 degrees and a lite frost. The beans and the squash were gone. The cold killed most of them. We had our vegtables growing and sprouted, but the cold did not bother them. The water did not get below 52 degrees and the plants were fine.

If it had gotten colder i could have heated the water, or I could have moved the plants inside. The water will also extend the growing season becuase it can disapate the heat and keep your plants cooler.

Hydroponics also do very well in the green houses, which again helps you control mother nature.

In conslusion these are 7 reason to grow hydroponically. There are many ways to get started and you do not have to pick one over the other. Hydroponics can be an addition to how you are already gardening. So give it a try and sign up for my Free Newsletter.

Summer update

Middle of Summer in Florida

okra 1 7-17-13

Rainy and wet in Florida about what you would expect. If you have been here in July and August you have experienced our weather. It is not the ideal growing conditions for most vegetables or people. I have to say that the mosquito are doing quite well. The Green Beans are gone; the tomatoes look dead except for a few limbs, and the squash is toast. So is anything growing?

There are a few things. The Okra is doing wonderfully. It is growing hydroponically with minimal nutrients additions. We have had a lot of rain, almost every day, which has diluted the nutrient solution. The okra has continued to look amazing as you can see from the photo. The okra pods are long and slender. Even as long as they are, they are still deliciously tender. I am planting an additional 20 plants tomorrow and will keep you updated.

Jalapeno peppers are still blooming and growing. I picked a large hand full tonight. I am not sure what variety they are, but they are hotter then some I have had.  The plants are 2 feet tall and do not have the same root mass as other plants I have grown. I have found that peppers of any kind produce more with less nutrients then other vegetables that we grow.

We are adding a option to the greens grower to be able to grow various herbs at once. Go to the Greens Grower Store to see the new option.


Hydroponic 102 – Types of system

Types of Hydroponic System

Now that you have an idea of what Hydroponic gardening is, We need to look at the various system that can used. There are 4 basic type systerms with many variations of each system. The systems can be simple and easy to use, or complex and technical. The goal of each system is to get the nutrients to the plant so that they can gorw and produce food.

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hydroponics 101- What the heck is it?

Hydroponics 101- What the heck is it?

                                                                          hydroponic growth

If you have been around gardening you have heard the word Hydroponics. What is Hydroponics and why you it could be a great addition to  your gardening endeavors. We are going to discuss the top 10 reasons for using Hydroponics.

Quickly- Hydroponics is nothing but growing plants in something besides dirt. Why should you care about Hydroponics?  My philosophy is that it can be the easiest way to grow food with limited space and time, and best of all, with better results. How did I come to that conclusion? It started with my sons 8th grade science project


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Greens Grower Garden

Whats going on,

I picked our 1st cucumber today. That’s right, after getting a late start due to some weather and design issues, we have picked our 1st cucumber.  We just peeled this one and ate it as is. It was crispy and firm. The advantage of hydroponic cucumber is that they never have that bitter taste. I was curious how this one would taste as it is our 1st cucumber with our new nutrient program. This nutrient program will be a lot more cost effective and our plants are growing well. but the taste is most important and this cucumber tasted just like it should with no bitter taste.  I was very pleased. This new nutrient program will save you a lot of money on growing your plants. How is the rest of the garden doing?

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