Introducing the GreensGower

Science Made Simple

Romain Lettuce Growing in the GreensGrower

Why the GreensGrower?


  • We want to grow a garden, but don't have space or time.
  • We all want more nutritious food.
  • We all like to watch plants grow.
  • We all want the Easy Button and the GreensGrower does that.


The GreensGrower Story

The GreensGrower is a story of finding a better way. I have always had a keen interest in farming, and growing both ornamental and vegetables plants. I come from a long history of true farm to table eating. Both of my families literally had to raise their own food to eat. They were dependent on the garden to feed our families. This also made them dependent on mother nature. As a high school student I was very involved in Future Farmers of America, but always said after watching my family struggle that I did not want to have to earn an income that was completely reliant on Mother Nature. Mother Nature, was either too cold, too hot, or too dry or too wet or usually a combination of the above, but that being said, I have never lost my interest in farming. In the early 80’s Disney’s Epcot opened and they have a tour called “Living With The Land". This is joint venture with the Department of Agriculture and Disney. It is a boat ride that takes you inside the Disney green house where they are raising vegetables without dirt. The one method that intrigued me the most was the Hydroponic food production. The geek in me was hooked. Fast Forward a few years (well a lot of years) I was at a dinner party of very close friends. The hostess, Virginia made this awesome salad with fresh salad green, and a lot of great ingredients but as good as the salad was, I was struck by the cost of the greens. They cost $6.00 for a small plastic container. That was 12 bucks just for the green stuff. I was on a budget and that did not fit. I saw a need, and that was to create a simple way to grow the greens for salads and smoothies. Virginia became the avatar, or the perfect person to design the GreensGrower for. The GreensGrower was developed for the mom that wants healthy food for their family at an affordable price with simplicity. I went to work. I wanted to make a cost effective method for the mom to raise greens, thus the name, GreensGrower. The first models were made out of a 5 gallon bucket. It was a great bucket and the grower works very well, but just did not fit the avatar I had in my mind. What mom is going to want a 5 gallon bucket sitting on her porch. I tried everything, I just could not find the right product until the current model was created. Follow the story. 

The GreensGrowers in action 

See what we are growing.




From the Greens Grower


Kale Growing

Kale was planted 1/28/17